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Mithila Fox

Mithila Fox

User Experience Developer. Design Enthusiast. Postgraduate Student.

For over 4 years I've been busy coordinating, designing, and building beautiful and functional web applications for a wide variety of clients.

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My understanding of human psychology and computer science informs my user-centric focus towards design, as well as my quest to understand and respond to priorities and trends in technology and academia. And while I do love to talk, I also love to listen. I want to find out what my clients want, what their users want, and find the happy medium between these two goals.

My process:

  • Ongoing communication with clients and users.
  • Research, design, develop, test, analyse.
  • Iterate, iterate, iterate.
I design

I design

On the rare occassions I'm not studying, volunteering, or working, you'll find me out taking photos, designing graphics, travelling, or catching up on the latest trends in photography and visual design. I love exploring and being inspired by good design, be it fashion, web, product, interior, or graphic design.

My weapons of choice:

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • My Nikon D700
  • Wacom Bamboo Tablet
I build

I build

I merge my passion for design with my web development skills to try and build the best user experiences possible. I have several years experience developing for web, and love to stay up to date with useful frameworks and tools that help me build better sites. Some of my favourite tools to use are Twitter Bootstrap, the Google Web Toolkit and anything that creates more dynamic, responsive web experiences!

Languages I speak:

  • HTML5, CSS3, JS
  • PHP, MySQL
  • C, C#, Java
I work with

I've worked on


The first moments of a baby’s life are crucial, and mostly joyous moments, however what are you meant to do when things don’t go as planned? This is a situation which medical professionals are faced with every day, and they must use the Neonatal Resucitation Program (NRP) to inform their actions to help ensure the baby's wellbeing. FirstFive helps guide medical professionals or students through the NRP, and lets them save patient outcomes. I designed and created the product, and am still working with pediatric nurses to better the app. Included is a link to the live web app, and a video exlaining FirstFive.

SAP Network Visualiser

This project was to create mock ups, a basic prototype, and a design proposal for SAP Australia to create a graphical way of displaying all of their data on supply chain networks. Throughout this project I doubled as project manager, as well as a UX developer. As a team we utilized the MoSCoW method (outlining the client’s ‘Musts’, ‘Shoulds’, ‘Coulds’, and ‘Wants’ for the project), and kept up a steady stream of communication with the client to ensure the final designs were to their satisfaction. Pictured are some of the final mock ups, initial prototypes, and early design sketches produced by our team.


RentConnect is an innovatieve web application designed to enhance communication between rental tenatns, owners, and real estate agents. The application aims to address the often overlooked space of communication in the real estate app market, where most apps are finance-focused. Through this project I functioned as project manager and lead UX/visual designer. Pictured are some of my designs for the application, as well as a video that discusses the process used to create the app.

Virtual Immersive Adventure

Virtual Immersive Adventure (VIA) is a physical computing installation designed to challenge its users to explore the physical world. They are encouraged to do so by manipulating a physical token, in order to control a set of clues which help them answer the overarching question of the game: Where on earth am I? The game is set up such that when the user moves the token (in this case a toy boat) around the table-top playing surface, different Google Maps Panoramas of random, but well known, locations around the world appear on a large projection in front of the table. The player’s movement of the token is guided by a compass at the centre of the table.

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I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to Email me, send me a message using the form here, or find me on LinkedIn!